Tesco Bags of Help Grant – £12,000

In 2016 we were lucky enough to be voted the top award of £12,000 by customers of Tesco superstore in Burgess Hill, out of three applicants selected by Head Office. “Bags of Help” usesBags of Help logo the near-astronomical number of 5p Tesco carrier bag charges to provide funding for conservation and other projects of benefit to the local community. Here is our project, due for completion by winter 2016 – 2017.

Community Wildlife Pond:

Why is this project needed?

No sunlight reaches this pond due to overhanging trees. During most of the year it holds very little water, only decaying leaves and mud, so there’s not much wildlife. The whole site is completely overgrown and has become an eyesore. We plan to make it both a thriving wildlfie pond and a tranquil place for local people to enjoy.

What would we do?

After an ecologist’s survey, all undergrowth would be cleared to provide access. Overhanging branches would be removed and the pond dredged, with cut branches stacked to retain the silt on the small island. A timber dipping platform with lockable gate would be built on piles, with deer fencing round the pond – required for safety reasons as the pond is not visible from the footpath. Two benches would overlook the area, with an I D board for use during pond dipping by local children’s groups.

Where is it?

In Hammonds Ridge Meadows, south of Jane Murray Way, opposite the Burgess Hill Tesco superstore, overlooking the South Downs.

How would the money be spent?

Ecologist’s surveys.

Tree surgery.

Dredging with excavator.

Building the dipping platform.

Supplying two benches.

Supplying pond species I D board.

Installing gate and fencing.

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