Hammonds Ridge Meadows

A site of 12 hectares owned by MSDC, Hammonds Ridge extends along the south of Jane Murray Way, from London Road in the east to the Tesco roundabout in the west.

Hammonds Ridge East MAP v1

Hammonds Ridge West MAP v1          (Maps by John Batchelder.)

Comprising five meadows, hedgerows, small areas of woodland and a pond, it commands sweeping views of the Downs beyond the trees. In 2016 FoBHGCN renovated the pond, thanks to a grant from the Tesco Bags of Help initiative.

Hammonds Ridge Meadows wildlife pond

Conservation update: we have some chestnut stakes with which to shore up part of the island bank in the Hammonds Ridge Meadows pond while we are clearing it. The island is a short journey by our fibreglass rowing boat (about 30 ft or so). We hope to do this work on either the Sunday before, or the Sunday after, Christmas.

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