Improvements to Bedelands and Green Circle: petition.

Hello Everyone,

I would really appreciate it if you would all click on the link below and answer the three questions on this survey. They refer to:

1)The provision of an adventure trail on the extreme western edge of Watford Wood, bordering the meadow leased to the greyhound stables, well away from the main part of Bedelands reserve, to provide additional amenities for local youngsters near the BMX track & football pitches by means of a grant application to the Big Lottery Fund.

2) Extending Bedelands towards Freeks Lane in the west, in view of the greatly-increased footfall likely to arise from building the Northern Arc.

3) Completing the Green Circle along the southern edge of the proposed Northern Arc development.

The more support I can muster, the better chance there is of fulfilling these goals. Please complete the form by following the link below.

Thank you!


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