Complaints Procedure

1) The complaint must be made in writing to the Committee within 2 months of the event.

2) Within 2 months of the complaint being received, 3 members of the Committee must meet the complainant to consider the complaint. The complainant may bring a “Mackenzie friend” to the meeting.

3) Within 2 weeks of the meeting, the complainant must receive a written response from the 3 Committee members.

4) If the complainant is not satisfied, he or she has 2 weeks from receipt of the written response to appeal to the Trustees. There must be valid grounds for not accepting the decision.

5) Within a month of receiving the appeal, there must be an Appeal Hearing with 3 members of the Trustees.

6) Within 2 weeks of the Appeal Hearing, the complainant must receive the final response from the Trustees in writing.

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